GU 36 Enhanced Patchnotes

Enhanced Patchnotes

September 4th, 2015

Game Update 36 / Augtember Update / GU DIAMOND PONY

Patch Notes

NEW Empire Specific Anti Vehicle Weapons (MBT/Harasser)


· NC – M96 Mjolnir: Affectionately referred to as “The Boombox” by many NC soldiers, the Mjolnir’s burst fire explosive rounds excel against armored targets in close quarters engagements.
· TR – MR11 Gatekeeper: Based on a modified Fracture design, the Gatekeeper retains the feel of its forerunner but incorporates a faster fire rate and projectile speed while increasing overall accuracy.
· VS – Aphelion VEX-4: This experimental laser weapon can tear through enemies with sustained fire, but an interesting side effect causes a build-up of residual energy while firing that can be harnessed into a devastating blast.

NEW NS Lock-on Rocket Launcher

· NS R3 Swarm: The three round clip-fed NSR3 Swarm’s relatively low velocity lock-on rockets are capable of tracking targets for an extended period of time. Variable fire modes provide the user extended control over missile velocities, allowing them to tailor the strength of the weapon to their engagement.


· Lock-on missiles in air actively tracking you now have unique audio and hud element; additionally the number of missiles actively tracking you is now displayed on the HUD.
· Large outposts will now display capture progress differently, there is no more half way point, the capture progress will be displayed and a constant tug of war bar. This also represents a small mechanic change with three-way fights, the third faction can now steal total capture progress from the original attacking force. Once we are confident this is a positive change all small outposts and facilities will be switched over to it as well.
· Missions that direct you to a base now have god beams.


· Cut off regions no longer contribute towards territorial control percentage required to capture the continent; this also applies to alert victories

Balance Changes

· Tank primary weapon projectile velocities have been increased to match the armor piercing velocity
    • Vanguard: Titan-150 HE projectile velocity increased from 175 to 275
    • Vanguard: Titan-150 HEAT projectile velocity increased from 250 to 275
    • Prowler: P2-120 HE projectile velocity increased from 175 to 250
    • Prowler: P2-120 HEAT projectile velocity increased from 225 to 250
    • Magrider: Supernova VPC projectile velocity increased from 175 to 225
    • Magrider: Supernova PC projectile velocity increased from 200 to 225
    • Lightning: L100 Python HE projectile velocity increased from 175 to 225
    • Lightning: L100 Python HEAT projectile velocity increased from 200 to 225
· Striker changes
o ADS COF recoil decreased from 0.2 to 0.1
o ADS Standing COF decreased from 0.5 to 0.25
o ADS crouch walking COF decreased from 1.0 to 0.5


· Created a new directive under basic to join an outfit, add 10 friends, and unlock the outfit decal item.

Bug Fixes

· Player shield bug speculative fix.
· Resupplying at a terminal and immediately cloaking causes cloaking to be unable to be manually turned off.
· AM7 Archer sounds muffled when holding breath.
· Sensor shield 4 does not work when within 20 meters of a motion sensor.
· Fixed issue with Eclipse VE3A (and a number of other guns) not remaining in loadout when switching continent and log-in.
· Player Studio decal polish.
· Composite Armor decal fixes.
· Fixed issue where base Turret Kills/Vehicle Kills didn’t count towards Launcher Directive/Medals.
· Fixed issue where character would continuously firing their weapon in 3P if fired his weapon before entering and exiting a cloaked Sunderer.
· Fixed issue where when two or missiles were locked onto your vehicle and you use flares to drop them, the lock on audio would persist forever.
· Misc art fixes to various decals, helmets, foliage, etc.
· Fixed issue where the default voice pack could not be re-equipped once the user equips another VO pack.
· Fixed issue where the Eclipse VE3A didn’t stay in the vanu light assault loadout, it reverts to default.

New Weapons


Empire Specific Anti-Vehicle (Harasser and MBT)


M96 Mjolnir







MR11 Gatekeeper







Aphelion VEX-4







NS Rocket Launcher

NS R3 Swarm







Notes: Fire Modes and Evasion

The Swarm has two fire modes: fast and slow.

Fast rockets (obviously) move quickly, but are not quick to change direction. This allows them to be outmaneuvered, but not outrun.

Slow rockets have a decreased velocity, but are better at following a target. That means they cannot be outmaneuvered, but rather must be outrun.

Lock on UI changes


Missile count displayed in cockpit


Missiles display on minimap

Base Capture UI


Mission Beams



Art fixes

TR Camo changes



(Note that some of these items may not be live at this time. Check the depot to be sure.)



icon_bundle_classStarterNS_128 icon_bundle_randomImplant5_grabBag_128


icon_Decal_Aint_Dead_Yet_128 icon_Decal_Biohazard_001_128 icon_Decal_ChimeraRebornDecal_128 icon_Decal_Electric_Mantis_128 icon_Decal_FRCDecal_001_128 icon_Decal_Goose_NC_128 icon_Decal_MACSOutfit_128 icon_Decal_madGooseTR_128 icon_Decal_madGooseVS_128 icon_Decal_NC_Gear_Blitz_128 icon_Decal_NC_Patch_128 icon_Decal_NCDreamCharger_128 icon_Decal_NCKatNip_128 icon_Decal_NCKrakenTangler_128 icon_Decal_NCMountainHarassin_128 icon_Decal_NCOrderOfTheDragon_128 icon_Decal_NCPricklyPrick_128 icon_Decal_NCRickyRoach_128 icon_Decal_NCTheHorde_128 icon_Decal_PenquinPlatoon_128 icon_Decal_Pink_Fairies_Logo_128 icon_Decal_RadioactiveVanu_001_128 icon_Decal_RangerDecal_128 icon_Decal_RedOctober_001_128 icon_Decal_Republic_Patch_128 icon_Decal_RSG_003_128 icon_Decal_RuffnexOutfit_128 icon_Decal_Sabercat_001_128 icon_Decal_sova_decal_128 icon_Decal_SpartanAspis_001_128 icon_Decal_Suit_002_128 icon_Decal_SundyBuster_128 icon_Decal_TR_DESTRUCTION_128 icon_Decal_TR_Gear_Blitz_128 icon_Decal_TRDreamCharger_128 icon_Decal_TRKatNip_128 icon_Decal_TRKrakenTangler_128 icon_Decal_TRMountainHarassin_128 icon_Decal_TROrderOfTheDragon_128 icon_Decal_TRPricklyPrick_128 icon_Decal_TRRickyRoach_128 icon_Decal_TRTheHorde_128 icon_Decal_Viproutfit_01_128 icon_Decal_VS_DESTRUCTION_128 icon_Decal_VS_Gear_Blitz_128 icon_Decal_VSDreamCharger_128 icon_Decal_VSKatNip_128 icon_Decal_VSKrakenTangler_128 icon_Decal_VSMountainHarassin_128 icon_Decal_VSOrderOfTheDragon_128 icon_Decal_VSPricklyPrick_128 icon_Decal_VSRickyRoach_128 icon_Decal_VSTheHorde_128 icon_Decal_WarBacon_128 icon_Decal_WaspLogo_128



MAX Helmets

icon_Helmet_NC_Male_Max_PS_SigmaMax_128x128 icon_Helmet_TR_Male_Max_PS_HavocMax_128x128 icon_Helmet_VS_Male_Max_Base_PS_DarkstarMax_128x128

Vehicle Cosmedics

icon_Vehicle_Common_Attachment_HoodOrnament_PlayerStudio_DragonHead_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Bumper_PS_MireCruiser_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Bumper_PS_ViperExhaust_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Bumper_PS017_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Windshield_PS_Autopilot_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Windshield_PS_Bunker_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Windshield_PS_KnightRider_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Windshield_PS_Softtop_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Buggy_Attachment_Windshield_PS012_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Lightning_Attachment_Armor_PS_RoadtripSurvival_128x128   icon_Vehicle_TR_Prowler_Attachment_Armor_PS_Berserker_128x128icon_Vehicle_VS_Magrider_Attachment_PS_Rift_128x128icon_Vehicle_Common_Sunderer_Attachment_Cosmetic_MrPlow_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Sunderer_Attachment_Cosmetic_RiotArmor_128x128 icon_Vehicle_Common_Sunderer_Attachment_TireSpike_PS_WheelyBig_128x128  icon_Vehicle_Common_Quad_Attachment_GoGoFlashFlag_128x128icon_Vehicle_Common_Quad_Attachment_GoGoFlashFlag_White_128x128




Note: There will be an additional post later with the unreleased or undocumented content. Wanted to get these sort of things out close to the update so they have what you can actually see and use in game. 


Also, thanks to shaql for helping out!

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