PTS Unofficial Patch Notes- 7/14/2015


Notable Changes


Game play

  • TR Butcher animation glitch has been fixed
  • Striker Changes:
    • Increased damage to ground vehicles
    • Increased initial speed from 50 to 60
    • Increased max projectile speed from 180 to 220
    • Increased projectile acceleration from 0.75 to 1.25
    • Vehicle stealth no longer prevents rockets from seeking
    • Reload time decreased to 3.4 seconds from 4 seconds
    • Viewmodel size adjusted


  • PFX_Projectile_NC(/TR/VS)_Tracer_BulletLarge_Aircraft_1stPerson effect count changed from 1 to 2
  • Visual changes to TR and NC HA overshield effects
  • Socket Adjustments for TR_LMG_005 and VS_SniperRifle0004
  • Texture changes for some rocks from Amerish
  • Adjustments to lots of Indar props
  • Reduced smoke from TR muzzle flash
  • LOD Distance on Archer adjusted


  • New effect for projectile_FirstPersonCard_NC(/TR/VS)
  • Added FLAG_SURVIVES_PROFILLE_SWAP to AbilityEx. All flags are 0, except 1111503, 1111504

Locale Changes

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Test Unofficial Patch Notes 6/24/15


Official Patchnotes HERE[1]

New Images: Imgur[2] | Reddit[3]

New Models[4]

NOTE: The PS4 and PC version appear to share files, so there may be a few things listed here that are PC or PS4 specific. As I do not have acccess to a PS4, I am unable to determine which is which, but I’ll try to make an educated guess when I can.

Second Note: I’ve created a survey HERE[5] , I’d appreciate if you’d take a moment to answer it so I can know where to focus my efforts in the future.

Now, on to the main course…


  • ESF Afterburner tanks have been removed and highest rank made default. All certs refunded. Note: Does not seem to be functioning properly. Tanks are no longer available, but the bonus fuel does no seem to be applied.
  • Added a bunch of new Helmets. (Not available in depot)
  • Added a bunch of new decals. Too many to upload to Imgur, and a majority seem to be duplicates of existing ones. If you really want to see them I can make a few albums…
  • Bunch of new Profile Backgrounds. (Currently the only new thing available on PTS Depot.
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